What matters most? Who do you want to be?


Welcome to my updated website.  Prior to COVID-19, I had a lot of content on this Home Page.  Now that I live influenced by this pandemic, I am in a constant state of information overload.  I realized many of you may relate so I reduced the content on this page. 

By being here on my website, you have taken a first step to get unstuck in an area of your life or to increase attention to what matters most to you.  As a next step, I encourage you to email me at coachdawn4614@gmail.com to learn more and to determine if coaching with me is a fit.

If you notice thoughts beginning to talk you out of pursuing coaching, I encourage you to pause and get more information from my website or reach out to me  before making a decision.  I would be delighted to talk with you.

Supporting change, curiosity, possibility, and presence through a professional coaching partnership.


My Personal Encouragement Message:  

Conscious Intention Creates Positive Direction


Dawn Carney-Meriwether

ACC, International Coaching Federation